MA-URI Bodywork
is based on Polynesian wisdom and traditions, and can be characterized as energetic bodywork.
Our feminine and the masculine energies are dancing together in a dynamic, yet relaxed flow.
The purpose is to facilitate the flow of your essential Life energy, and thus strengthen a natural connection between body, mind and soul.

We are made from of Divine Energy, emotions, thoughts, and a body containing those aspects.
All of them can be stimulated in MA-URI Bodywork.
MA-URI Bodywork may be a wake up call in many ways for some, for others merely a deep relaxation – or both. MA-URI is a potential catalyst for your own self-healing process as well as your spiritual growth.
You may experience positive effects of releasing emotional imbalances and pshysical symptoms.
All of your cells and all the specific parts of your body are in different ways related to each other.
What is happening in one part of your body and your mind & soul may awaken all the rest.
Unfolding your process with MA-URI will depend on your own intention, and your capacity to let go and receive.

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