MA-URI Bodywork
is energetic bodywork, based on Polynesian wisdom and traditions.
The purpose of this work is to facilitate a more free flow of your essential vital energy, and thus strengthen the natural connection beween your body, mind and soul.
The most important principles of MA-URI philosophy:
* We are creating our life through the choices we make, meaning our choice of thoughts, emotions, behaviour and actions.
* We can be our own healers – mentally and physically – and we can learn to master all aspects of our own life.


In MA-URI Bodywork we are working with all aspects of a person from a Holistic perspective. Human beings consist of Divine life-energy, emotions, thoughts and a body which contains it all. Each little cell inside of us is connected to all the other cells. All the different aspects of us will therefore be affected by MA-URI Bodywork. This process happens according to what each person wants, and is ready and able to receive.

MA-URI works as a catalyst for your own self-healing process. In this process you may experience positive effects related to emotional imbalances and pshysical symptoms, which are inter-twined. Examples: stress, headaches, worrying, muscle tensions, limited breath volume, eating disorders, and more.

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